Friday, January 22, 2010


I wish nothing but pain on the designers and implementers of the PXA270 USB gadget module. This thing has more bugs than features!


raf said...

quick question Dmitry, how strong is the pxa270's 3D capability??

Anonymous said...

Will DGOS possibly operate on OMAP or PXA255 based devices?

Dmitry Grinberg said...

PXA255 is what is in E2 - i support it. I have no OMAP support yet, but i can add it.

3D? software only.

Anonymous said... stats the E2 has a PXA270, not a PXA255.

BrightnessFix for PXA270 devices (T|E2, T|X, T|T3, T|T5, T|X, Zire72). Removes lower limit of the brightness slider.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the T3 use a -255 also?

400mhz, 32-bit Intel XScale (PXA255) processor

I it supported as of now? (theoretically)

Dmitry Grinberg said...

The site was meant to say PXA2xx :)
E2 is 255

T3 might be supported, but since i have no sdhc driver for it, there is no way to boot the OS - it needs a storage medium and t3 has neither an internal drive nor working sd drivers under DGOS. Perhaps some of its flash can be repurposed?

Andrew said...

on the topic of device support, do you intend on only porting dgos to devices originally running palmos5? or would porting to other devices that use a pxa270 be a possibility down the road?

Sleep_Walker said...

It's not fair, it was working when it was written, but noone did care about the code for a long time. If you have such comments, the bon ton says mail your patches to upstream.