Sunday, January 22, 2012


I simply haven't the time to work on DGOS anymore, sadly. If anyone is actually interested I can disclose the source.

Current state:

  • kernel

    • Multithreading & Multitasking

    • Protected memory

    • Code pages can be shared between processes

    • Support for kernel modules, including loading and unloading

    • Drivers for some hardware: HDD, flash, ram, timers, display, sound, touch

    • support for userspace applications & libraries

    • ARMv4 & ARMv5 support, including emulation of some v5 instructions under v4

    • Pluggable VFS & block device layer with NAND support

  • Userspace

    • Heap code to support allocation & memory management

    • Ability to load dynamic libraries in ELF format

    • Currently posted libraries

      • libjpeg

      • libpng

      • zlib

    • New libraries:

      • GfxLib: load images in jpeg & png formats, show semitransparent layers onscreen, etc

      • RtLib: runtime for DGOS (VFS calls, other syscalls)

  • PalmOS loader to run DGOS from inside palmOS

Work to do: wifi drivers (can wrap palmos ones), finish palmos compatibility layer, etc...


XRubio said...

I will love to see the code, even I will be unable to work on it. I think will be a great way of learning how systems programming is done on ARM and have an rough idea of how Palm OS 5.x worked.

Kudos from a Palm OS fan and all your work on this platform! ;)

Chris2.0 said...

It would've been great to see something good come from...

But I'm going to do a final backup of my T5 and then put it up for adoption before I move all my info over to another platform...

But not webOS, perhaps iOS, Android or even WP7...

Paegan said...

I personally think this would revive some Palm LifeDrives, even better for the one's that have been "modified" with a compact flash card.

Gorod said...


I recently helped a friend of mine move from a Palm Zire to a TX (strange things happen in 2012) and thought I'd come up and ask you for something... with quite a lot of nerve, actually.

I suppose you're not making any money from your Palm apps anymore. I was wondering if you would be willing to "set them free". I don't mean (necessarily) the source code, I mean just make the executables free of charge.

This would help those poor enough (or stubborn enough) to hang on tho old hardware be able to add a lot of value to their Palm devices (I'm thinking of PowerDigi, UDMH, Warpspeed).

It just doesn't make sense to get an old TX and then spend money on new digitizers and apps - but if your apps became free that would help make the most out of old devices (I still use my TX, also).

What do you think?


Anonomous said...

I would love to work on it. I do lots of coding for ARM.

kevin5204 said...

I think maybe I could work something on it. Could I have the Source Code? Thanks.

selmo said...


Anonymous said...

It's been great, but ive moved on (Pre 2)
I still use my T3 though :)

Maybe something will become of this

Unknown said...

I'd be interested in your implementation of the alpha blending routine in GfxLib. :-)

Andrew Joyce said...

We're sad to see the project fizzle out, Dmitri, but good look with your future endeavours. And please...if the time comes along, please do pick this up again; PalmOSers around the world would thank you.


vertis said...

In my case I still got two TX, one T5, one LifeDrive and my wife, one TE..I'm even willing to sign (digitally or physically) anything that you believe that is necesary to protect you or your code...

Cine del pasado said...

Hi! I would be very interested if you could disclose your code.

Thank you very much for the time and effort that you have put in this project.

Jacob101980 said...

I have plenty of Palm OS devices around, so if you post the code I have more than enough test platforms and alot of knowledge of palm OS.

Alexander Grucza said...

I am also very interested in getting the sourcecode for DGOS, maybe together we can get this wonderfull project up and running.


Minigato said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minigato said...

Please disclose the code, I have an old T5 that i dont use, And i would try to put android on it, i´ve tried with opie, and it worked.

Alexandru Stoian said...

I'm also interested in seeing the code. Has it been disclosed to anyone else till now ?

Edward Facundo said...

Dmitry, how we can get the source code and continue this solution ? Thanks by the work!

Nicolás Bahamondes Abarca said...

Please send me the source code.

abarcabahamondes [at] "gee"mail .com

Max Powerz said...

Is it still possible to get the source for DGOS?

pacificfils said...

It's 2014, I still have a Palm TX. I am VERY interested in this. I'm sad you stopped making this...

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ファンマリオ said...

will you ever be working on this again? because I still use my T|X and LD every day