Thursday, December 10, 2009


My new job is getting me into habit of daily status updates, so here goes :).

LD usb driver still being stubborn, TX internal memory chip can be read/written/erased, but data is still somewhat cryptic, next demo will demonstrate a functionality like CardExport, but under DGOS on an LD, and the one after that will be a TX demo. Lots of work needs to be done on the UI, and I welcome all takers, who want to make an effort to develop/help with the UI design/programming (I am just one man, working an average of 45 minutes a day on this, afterall)


FhCostantini said...

Good news everyday sounds well...

IMHO the UI isn't needed to be great... instead the functionality it brings must be good from the beginning (like palm pre for example), but the images, effects, and all that stuff can be improved lately.

Coffee-Turtle said...

Dmitry, this project totally rocks! I hope to see a smooth UI that enhances all the beautiful code you've put into DGOS. Considering you only have 45 minutes a day to work on this, you've done a great job so far. Wow!

Have you posted the request for UI help back at

Also, will skinUI code be involved inside of DGOS?

Thank you again for this great effort!