Thursday, November 12, 2009


Wifi chipset in lifedrive and tx is not documented. i do not plan to reverse engineeer it. I plan to run the palmos driver in a palmos container layer, and use it to talk to the wifi chip. palmos supports one raw socket per interface, thus giving me all the network access i need, and the DGOS networking stack can then use that interface to talk to the wifi chip directly.


Lord Garfio said...


I have seen info about Marvell CF8381 Chip from

" PalmTX WiFi Complete "

I hope you will be helpful.


FhCostantini said...

ohh that sounds good..

continue programming that gem

Jacob said...

Still supporting this. I just can't wait for this amazing project to finish. Just a note of the faith I have in this.

Daremo said...

Nice. So I can assume we'll can expect wifi transfers to work in the background, instead as in PalmOS, as a main process thus disrupting any resemblance of pseudo multitasking then?