Monday, June 22, 2009

COW & memory sharing

COW(copy on write) memory has been implemented, and I am 90% of the way there to implement code & data sharing between processes that load the same modules (thus saving valuable physical memory)


Palm-Sounds said...

Some questions from readers at Palm Sounds

- When will we see screen shots or videos?
- What will apps be like on this OS, and will they all have to be open source apps?

Dmitry Grinberg said...

1. screenshots and videos are UI. I am concentrating on inner workings, not UI.
2. Why would apps HAVE to be open source? Of course they do not HAVE to be anything :)

Erb said...

I suspect the open source question was really asking, will this only run Linux apps? As I believe was mentioned previously, the goal is for a platform that will be able to run Palm OS and Windows Mobile apps without modification. And I suppose you may as well throw in Linux for good measure. Am I accurate?

Dmitry Grinberg said...

Well, for now it only runs DGOS apps :).

PalmOS apps later. Linux may be possible, but not necessarily what I am going for at this point.

Palm-Sounds said...

So the comment about windows mobile apps isn't right then?

Drewster said...

Keep up the fantastic work Dmitry! It sounds like the OS is coming along nicely! Please don't let this fall by the wayside, because it sounds very promising indeed.. Sell those RC Airplanes on ebay if u need too!! haha

I know it's unrelated, but I've used software that you've made before (like PowerSDHC), and it's made my dated Palm TX and Zire 31 all the more useful! So thanks, I don't have much technical know-how, but I'll try help out where i can :)