Thursday, May 28, 2009

DBF format and loader

DBF is the binary format used by DGOS. It is simple, and almost any ARM compiler cna be made to emit it. It allows for libraries and executables that may or may not be compiler as position-independent code. All libraries and applications always have read-write access to their globals, and code is write-protected, as any good OS should so.

The kernel DBF loader code is now written and works.
RtLib work is proceeding.


Coffee-Turtle said...

WOW! AWESOME PROGRESS! (of course, I don't understand everything, but it sounds exciting!!) Thank you!!

Any available time-line?

Snoopy4ever said...

Good news Dmitry, I have a q about this.

I'm using Palm OS Developer Suite, I'd like to keep using it in order to keep programing for palm devices, the DBF binary format will be possible to be generated with PODS ? I know this is an early stage.. probably you will give us more info later on.. as a beginir PDA programmer I'd like to start thinking of developing for DGOS so any advice will be most appreciated.



Dmitry Grinberg said...

It should be capable of generating DBF files easily. All that is needed is a linker script to do so.

Harold Goldner said...

I'd love to hear when you have an alpha version. I have an unused T|X sitting around I'd be willing to reflash.

Dmitry Grinberg said...

No need to reflash :-)

DGOS loader for PalmOS is almost done, it loads the kernel from card, kick PalmOs out of the memory, and DGOS boots. a soft reset brings you back to palmos.

for now only one device boots DGOS natively - my lifedrive.

I formatted a loader in a way that normal unflashed LD can boot it from disk - it actually is pretty cool

Snoopy4ever said...

I won't regret any moment since I bought my LifeDrive. :D

I just installed a new 1950mAh battery ... guess what was the reason?... I know I'll be using it a lot with DGOS.