Monday, April 13, 2009


Got AC97 to work with DMA, so now audio works, and touchscreen data is sent to the memory without CPU involvement :). Calibration works well, and the pressure-sensitivity of the panel is used too, so instead of the plain boring (X,Y) coordinates, DGOS provides (X,Y and Z) Where Z is the force user is applying to the touchscreen. It can be used for better flow in note-taking applications for example, or for sensing finger presses for gesture analysis [finger generates bigger Z values]


leptom said...

yeah!it sounds great ;-)
You're a genious, thanks for your work.

IonTruO2 said...

Just a quick greeting. Have a TX and two N800's. Still love the TX for the out of the pocket real PIM. Returning to 1src to catch up and I am thrilled with your commitment and contributions.
Keep on, and I will gladly purchase your DGOS!!