Sunday, January 22, 2012


I simply haven't the time to work on DGOS anymore, sadly. If anyone is actually interested I can disclose the source.

Current state:

  • kernel

    • Multithreading & Multitasking

    • Protected memory

    • Code pages can be shared between processes

    • Support for kernel modules, including loading and unloading

    • Drivers for some hardware: HDD, flash, ram, timers, display, sound, touch

    • support for userspace applications & libraries

    • ARMv4 & ARMv5 support, including emulation of some v5 instructions under v4

    • Pluggable VFS & block device layer with NAND support

  • Userspace

    • Heap code to support allocation & memory management

    • Ability to load dynamic libraries in ELF format

    • Currently posted libraries

      • libjpeg

      • libpng

      • zlib

    • New libraries:

      • GfxLib: load images in jpeg & png formats, show semitransparent layers onscreen, etc

      • RtLib: runtime for DGOS (VFS calls, other syscalls)

  • PalmOS loader to run DGOS from inside palmOS

Work to do: wifi drivers (can wrap palmos ones), finish palmos compatibility layer, etc...