Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FAT VFS library is mostly done

FAT VFS library is mostly done, and of course supports things that lack in PalmOS like correct size reporting for big volumes and file moving without a need to copy it and then delete the original (it supports FAT-only move). Also kernel threads can now easily call VFS functions directly, just like user level threads. Block device layer has received an update, and now has DlkDevV2-compliant drivers for SDHC cards, lifedrive built-in HDD, and TX's and T5's built-in NAND flash.

Work has started on RtLib rewrite. RtLib is the runtime library that all DGOS applications and Subsystems load by default. It provides user-level callable interfaces to kernel functions (things like VFS, Thread manipulation, etc). All native DGOS apps will use functions in RtLib to do what they do, and all PalmOS apps wil lcall native PalmOS api, which will be directed to PSS (PalmSubSystem) which then translates the parameters to what RtLib uses, and calls RtLib. This way the programmers who choose to code for DGOS directly do not have to be tied to PalmOS's archaic API structure.